Note from the Dean
The past few weeks have been humbling. What College faculty have pulled off in a matter of weeks is extraordinary. The incredible diversity of courses we offer almost all depend on intimate classrooms and face-to-face time with students. This is a hallmark of a W&L education. Yet you have brilliantly converted all manner of course to virtual instruction. Numerous institutions have transitioned to online teaching, but I wonder how many have done so with the good spirits and excellence that has colored our shift to remote learning? How many saw faculty gamely agree to overhaul spring travel courses and experiential classes to online formats and volunteer to raise enrollments to serve displaced students? Although I do not know the answer, I know it is an honor to work alongside colleagues who have risen so impressively to the challenge.
As we navigate this moment, please recall the numerous policy adjustments guiding us. The Academics FAQ is particularly helpful: We will continue to update this site with pertinent information.
We were not given a choice about facing the COVID-19 crisis, but we are certainly free to decide upon the posture we assume in response. Many leaders are turning to war metaphors to reflect upon current circumstances, and as "the Generals," such metaphors may be fitting. But rather than war, your response over the past three weeks reminds me of the similarity between the W&L community and family. We face all kinds of struggles with our loved ones with a confidence inspired by trust and devotion. The bonds that unite us are not forged in anticipation of a pandemic, yet these relationships become the sustenance that guide us through any trial.
Our community was ready for this moment. We may not have been savvy Zoom users or sophisticated proponents of synchronous or asynchronous classes, but we were ready to deliver our best to students, care for each other, and sprinkle our interactions with an extra dose of kindness. We were ready because the speaking tradition is just one outward example of our institutional character. We were ready because our community is built upon collegiality and authentic friendship.
We are fortunate to have this foundation at such a time as this. We are lucky to focus our eyes on the hills and mountains that surround us rather than the slopes of alarming infection curves. I feel privileged to work on your behalf, and I hope you will reach out with any needs that arise. As we conclude our first week of virtual instruction, I offer you congratulations, encouragement, and thanks. Morning always follows the night.
Lisa Greer and David Harbor of Geology on the trail
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