March 2022 
A Note from the Dean
Dear Colleagues,
With warm hopes for the dawning new season, we are rounding the bend into the end of the Winter term. Please be sure to take a moment to celebrate having made it through two full years of a pandemic. Back in March 2020, as we sent students home and retooled quickly for remote teaching, we could not have imagined the journey ahead of us. Of course, it's still hard to tell where, exactly, we are now and yet we press on.
Your collective indomitable spirit is an inspiration. I have been poring over three years of your FARs and meeting with department and program heads to make sure that we recognize and reward your accomplishments. This faculty is an adaptive and productive, mission-driven team that has shown up day after day for our students in adverse situations. Thank you for doing so.
This year we have rebuilt our connections among colleagues in order to restore the qualities of our community that we love. Please reach out to a friend on the staff or faculty to acknowledge each other and remember we are in this together.
Best wishes,
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Applications due to Dean’s Office
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