Note from the Dean
Thank you for braving tents in rain, wind, and chilly temperatures. Thank you for persevering through foggy glasses that persist no matter your choice of mask. Thank you for starting Zoom classes with playful icebreakers to create community in a virtual world. Thank you for projecting your voice with gusto through your mask while making sure your smile reaches your uncovered eyes. Thank you for good naturedly transforming every performance into a livestream or recorded event. Thank you for hosting extra office hours online and on porches. Thank you for attending more Zoom speaker events than seems humanly possible. Thank you for teaching in-person through the stress of student quarantines. Thank you for popping into Zoom breakout rooms with probing questions and encouraging words to keep your class lively. Thank you for teaching amidst inordinate amounts of plexiglass. Thank you for remaining late and showing up early to chat with students who yearn to connect in your virtual classroom. Thank you for powering through the headache induced by your heavy visor. Thank you for answering the call to help dining serve students when you would rather be coaching fall athletic competitions.
Thank you for ensuring we made it to the end of Fall Term and gamely preparing to do it all again in the Winter. Really—thank you.
Bill Hamilton, Professor of Biology
Bill Hamilton is Department Head and Professor of Biology, but since last summer, he has dedicated countless hours to serving on the COVID-19 Committee. Whether he is testing wastewater early in the morning or transporting campus waste samples to Charlottesville labs, Bill is going above and beyond to keep W&L safe. He is also managing to keep up with his teaching as well as his Yellowstone Research. He currently has five students working safely distanced and masked in his lab, and he is in the process of securing his seventh straight year of funding from the National Park Service. And just in case you wondered, he prefers bison, elk, and any herbivore dung to human waste.
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